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Professional Track for Hypnotherapists to become UKCP Registered Psychotherapists (9604 HypnosProfTrk)

Health contract commissioners increasingly want UKCP BACP or BABCP credentials.

Do you have hypnotherapy qualifications, but you are not a member of the major organisations recognised by the UK government’s Professional Standards Authority for Health & Social Care: The UKCP, the BACP or the BABCP.

If so, you may well be finding that getting work from local authorities and health providers is difficult. But you don’t want to waste the training you paid for!

So this programme lets you get credit for previous learning!

This is the least expensive yet the best way to become a UKCP Registered Clinical Psychotherapist if you have already studied psychotherapy or / and clinical hypnosis, but outside the UKCP’s pathway.

This course receives National Colleges’ Initiative support because we believe both that hypnosis has a critical role to play in improving the psychological wellbeing of the nation and that clinical hypnotists deliver better care to more people when trained as psychotherapists.

This course takes people trained in hypnosis outside the UKCP pathway and supports them in becoming a UKCP Registered Psychotherapist trained in hypnosis.

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What academic qualifications would I get?
Advanced Diploma in Hypno-psychotherapy, credits towards MA in Counselling and Psychotherapy Practice at Bath Spa University and a number of degrees (including BSc Psychology) at Open University.

What professional qualifications would I get?
UKCP Registered Clinical Psychotherapist.

Registered Hypno-psychotherapist

The length of the course and the fees depend on your experience and training. Please contact us as soon as possible if you are considering taking the step to becoming a Registered Psychotherapist. We will provide calm, friendly, no-obligation advice with pleasure.
This course counts towards study hours needed to become a UKCP Registered Therapist and gives credit for courses at Bath Spa and Open Universities.

Course Fees
The cost depends on your current experience and training – assessment of this is undertaken in an informal and friendly interview.  During the time it takes for you to become a UKCP Registered Clinical Psychotherapist, you are able (and encouraged) to work with clients under supervision. This gives you an income source whilst training.

The Face-to-face taught element of the course costs £1,600 and may be paid over 10 months.

As part of the Professional Track, you will also need to study these units online:

 Training Element, Classroom hours, Self-directed learning, Units, Cost
Development and sexuality, 80, 20, 10, £120
Psychopathology, 30, 10, 4, £80
Research methods, 20, 10, 3, £80
Diversity, 20, 10, 3, £80 

In addition, there are extra classroom hours, supervision and self-development – the exact cost of which will depend on your previous training and experience. A friendly, informal interview, face-to-face or by telephone, will determine this more accurately.
Work Contracts may be available to you, subject to an interview, which advance up to 50% of your training costs in return for work during and after your training. Payment of the remaining fees can be spread.  Please get in touch to find out more. Funding for Work Contracts are limited.