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7521 Certificate in Size and Weight Practice (This leads to you becoming a Registered Size & Weight Practitioner)

Ideal if you don't have a health or biomedical qualification - there's no need for any to succeed in this fascinating, and richly rewarding, field of work.

There are two ways to earn this certificate:
Either take the "Intensive 7521" - 7 days over 8-9 days
the "Standard 7521" - 5 days over 5-6 weeks.

Whichever you choose, once you have this Certificate, you will be a Registered Size and Weight Practitioner.

The next "Intensive 7521" - 7 course days over 8 days - starts on 14th July and takes place online and 30 minutes from London by train - please see details below.

This qualification is all you need to work as a facilitator or as a mentor on the E-SaW Club’s “Guaranteed Permanent” Programme. You can also work with private clients.

It is also one of two alternative courses you can take to become a Registered Diabetes Prevention Practitioner. The other option is to take course 7522 Diploma in Clinical Size and Weight Practice, if you have the necessary clinical qualifications to do so.

In addition, it is an excellent training for those who would like to work independently within their own clinic, gym, studio or practice and the National Colleges will help you to adopt the programme to successfully suit your needs.

Day 1
Begins at 10.15
Clarifying the differences between Facilitators, Mentors, Coaches and Owners
Working with a group
The critical rôle of hunger
The critical rôle of mindfulness
A mindful practice


Why diets will always work – for a short while
Why diets will never work – in the long run
The science of body chemistry – biomedical science and endocrinology 1


The psychological and physical damage done by see-sawing
The critical rôle of attention

Funding and Fundraising
The critical rôle of Self-compassion
How Mindful Eating works


How to create an attitude to permanent change, rather than dieting
No-one cares how much you weigh – and neither should you – nor your club members or clients! Why muscle, fat and water matter.
Finishes at 17.15

Day 2
Begins at 10.15
Mindful Movement
Contemplation and Assimilation of Day 1’s learning


Funding and Fundraising

What is hunger? And why is it so different for different people?
The myth of metabolism – and how it caught hold
The science of body chemistry – biomedical science and endocrinology 2


Understanding what emotions are: The Three Emotional Circles
3 Stage Breathing Space
Noticing inappropriate thinking about food, exercise and drink
The Scattered Mind
Developing simple skills that change your attitude to food and drink


The connection being Being and Doing and The Three Emotional Circles
The 3 stage Hunger Scale

Funding and Fundraising
Introducing journalling
Finishes at 17.15

Day 3
Begins at 10.15
3 Stage Breathing Space Practice
Contemplation and Assimilation of Day 1 and 2’s learning


Increasing journalling skills
What is the main reason why people do not reach – and then keep – the size & weight they want to be?
Busy-ness – helping members and clients find the time to succeed

MINDFUL LUNCH 13.15 – 14.00

Is this member or client able to increase quality of experience in exchange for decreasing quantity of experience? Yes!
The stories we tell ourselves


The Hunger Scale contemplations
Treasure Chest
The Exhaustion Funnel
Different hungers
Creating a new Personal Defended Size & Weight
The work of Professors Signe Sørensen Torekov (Associate Professor Department of Biomedical Sciences, University of Copenhagen) and Sadaf Farooqi (Professor of Metabolism and Medicine at the University of Cambridge)
Finishes at 17.15

Day 4
Begins at 10.15
How change happens – The 3 Stages of Change that end with Uncertainty
The Child Emotional Me
The Parent Emotional Me
The Rational Me


How do we give more power to the Rational Me?
Reviewing our beliefs about food, exercise and drink

MINDFUL LUNCH 13.15 – 14.00

The Cycle of Change
Strategising our False Hungers
The Body Reason Losing Size & weight is Difficult
The Mind Reason Losing Size & weight is Difficult
The interaction between the Mes and the Doing and Being modes
Looking at The Mindful Journey as a whole
More on stories
How people experience their new Personal Defended Size & Weight
8 tips and a three-part thought (and contemplation) for this point in the Mindful Journey


Talking to – and understanding – your Child Emotional Me
What happens when we aren’t kind to ourselves?
Setting Sail: Helping members and clients to choose a régime
The most popular régimes

Finishes at 17.15

Day 5
Begins at 10.15
Finding out more about each member or client’s Child Emotional Me
How the Emotional Me’s Mindful Journey works – how the audio Journey works

Funding and Fundraising
Keeping up meditations and contemplations


How Mindful 5:2 works – with or without fasting
Ways to reduce our calorific inputs


Meal Decision Conferences – a demonstration

Practice Presentations


More Practice Presentations
Finishes at 17.40

A reflective exercise is undertaken after the student has partaken and assisted on E-SaW’s Guaranteed Permanent programme.  Supervision and training whilst you do this is included in the price of the diploma.

To become a Registered Size & Weight Practitioner, you also need to undertake an interview about the course. The assessment of this is included in the price of the diploma.

The 5 day course can be taken over 5-6 weeks (some course presentations are five, some six or seven due to holidays and other National Colleges presenting relevant courses) at a cost of £987.50. This course requires study at home between teaching days.

The Registered Size & Weight Practitioner course can also be taken as an intensive 7-8 day course – so with two additional days for revision and reflection on the course contents – for £150 per day (including lunch) with a maximum payable of £987.50. This normally takes place over 8-9 days, rather than the usual 5-6 weeks, but costs no more – and costs less if you have previous relevant experience .

The exact number of days you need to study is dependent upon your previous experience. You will know this before you sign up.

Students may begin facilitating and mentoring before they do, but they are required to take part in a tutored 8 week mindfulness course if they haven’t taken or taught an approved 8 week mindfulness course within the past 10 months. The cost of this is £235 including tutoring. This includes access to a recorded 8 session mindfulness course so that students can check through the course at any time convenient to them.

The next course start date is 14th July, this is a 7 day course.

Friday 4th August – Mentmore 10.15 – 17.15
Saturday 5th August – Mentmore 10.15 – 17.15
Sunday 6th August – No presentations
Monday 7th August – Virtual lectures from 10.15 – 17.15
Tuesday 8th August – Mentmore 10.15 – 17.15
Wednesday 9th August – Mentmore 10.15 – 17.15
Thursday 10th August – Virtual lectures from 10.15 – 17.15
Friday 11th August – Mentmore 10.15 – 17.40
The usual arrangements for picking you up at the station of you come by rail apply.


To book please go to “get more info” and complete the registration form.