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Advanced Diploma in Integrated Pregnancy Wellbeing (7506 ADip in Pregnancy)

Learn how to work in this lucrative and fascinating field free if you take 7504 DiccMT&M

The "ADip in Pregnancy" is part of an international campaign to improve the psychological wellbeing of babies, children and young adults by achieving behaviour and attitudinal change in the parents and family during pregnancy.

You will be learning the skills for mentoring people who are concerned about the physical and behavioural problems associated with the mother's cortisol crossing the placenta to the unborn baby.

The course teaches biomedicine, clinical hypnosis, mindfulness, belief-led cognitive behavioural therapy, yoga and movement. A thorough clinical education for working within organisations, group clinics (an ELK-Health specialty) or as an individual therapist or mentor.

(One of the routes to becoming a Registered Mindfulness-based Therapist (RMbT) and/or a Registered Mindfulness-based Mentor (RMbC))

This Advanced Diploma is normally taken by students who are also studying for the Diploma in Individuals’, Couples’ and Corporate Mindfulness-based Therapies and Mentoring (7504 DiccMT&M) who can apply for a grant to pay the entire fees for this course – so this part of their programme is FREE if their application is successful.

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This course encompasses the DicMT&C above but, additionally, qualifies you to work in an integrated way with programmes that include biomedical monitoring, hypnosis, belief-led cognitive psychotherapy, yoga and mindfulness with pregnant women, their partners and their families.

This Advanced Diploma will allow you, with or without other therapists and coaches, to market and provide programmes of care and wellbeing that concentrate on the reduction of stress during the pregnancy (cortisol crosses the placenta and is robustly shown in peer-reviewed studies to decrease birth weights and the length of the gestation and to increase the likelihood of frustration and unhappiness in babies). The likelihood of further difficulties are shown to be increased through to early adulthood (the limit of the studies). A connection to autism spectra is currently being investigated, with funding from the UK, Dubai and China, by Professor Ray Iles, who is the Chief Science Officer of the National Society for Hypnosis, Psychotherapy and Mindfulness (one of the organisations accrediting this course).

The course consists of 4 day’s classroom or virtual study, a retreat, tutorials, Masterclasses and, most importantly of all, participation in two 20-26 week “8-Way” Stress in Pregnancy Reduction Programmes” under the supervision of your lecturers.

What academic qualifications would I get?
(i) The Diploma in Individuals’ Couples’ and Corporate Mindfulness-based Therapies & Mentoring is normally awarded before or simultaneously with (ii) Advanced Diploma in Integrated Pregnancy Wellbeing (iii) credits towards MA in Counselling and Psychotherapy Practice at Bath Spa University and (iv) a number of degrees (including BSc Psychology) at Open University

What professional qualifications would I get?
This diploma, an assessment about your embodiment of Attitudinal Foundations of Mindfulness Practice and a short interview lead to you becoming (i) a Registered Specialist Mindfulness-based Therapist in Pregnancy Wellbeing (RMbT(Preg)) (ii) a Registered Specialist Mindfulness-based Coach in Pregnancy Wellbeing (RMbC(Preg)) (iii) a Registered General Mindfulness-based Therapist (RMbT) (iv) a Registered General Mindfulness-based Coach (RMbC). (v) It can also contribute to you becoming a UKCP Registered Psychotherapist. Further study is needed.

Course Fees

Some grants are currently available to 7504 DiccM&M students that cover the entire fees for this course.
Otherwise, £1,495 (£1,095 if paid in one go) including all food necessitated by your study (except packed lunches when attending All-Days).
The cost is £995 (£895 if paid in one go) if you book to study another Advanced Diploma – including the new Advanced Diploma in Health Professionals’ Cognitive Efficiency and Emotional Wellbeing.
Teaching takes place in central London, Buckinghamshire (40 minutes from London Euston) and virtually. Grants and Work Contracts may be available to you. Payment can be spread.