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Advanced Diploma in Integrated Size and Weight Wellbeing (7505 ADip in S&W)

The "ADip in S&W" is not just for people specialising in size, weight and visceral fat reduction, but for those interested in working with people who want to increase their size and weight too through behaviour and attitudinal change.

You will be learning integrated skills for guiding and mentoring people who want to change their size and weight: biomedicine, clinical hypnosis, mindfulness, belief-led cognitive behavioural therapy, yoga and movement and the interpretation of scans. A thorough clinical education for working within organisations, group clinics (an ELK-Health specialty) or as an individual therapist or mentor.

(One of the routes to becoming a Registered Mindfulness-based Therapist (RMbT) and/or a Registered Mindfulness-based Mentor (RMbM)).

Take 7504 DiccMT&M and you can get this Advanced Diploma in Size & Weight completely free.

This Advanced Diploma is normally taken by students who are also studying for the Diploma in Individuals’, Couples’ and Corporate Mindfulness-based Therapies and Mentoring (7504 DiccMT&M) who can apply for a grant to pay the entire fees for this course – so this part of their programme is FREE if their application is successful.

The course consists of 4 days of seminars which may be taken in a classroom or by virtual study. There is also a retreat (if you are not attending one on another course that year – if you are, you need attend only one) tutorials, Masterclasses and, most importantly of all, participation in two 28 week “8-Way” Size & Weight Change Programmes that are open to the public, under the supervision of your lecturers.

Students are encouraged to attend the first seminar physically (the next one is on Thursday 8th January) but after that you choose whether you come to the classroom, or use the virtual version. Students must attend at least 4 physical sessions in their two 28 week “8-Way Size & Weight Change Programmes” – but may work on the rest virtually.
Total minimum physical attendance for this Advanced Diploma is, therefore, one day’s seminar, 3 day’s retreat and four two-hour sessions with the public.

After an interview and the necessary period of personal meditation practice is completed, this Advanced Diploma allows you to become a Registered Mindfulness-based Therapist and / or a Registered Mindfulness-based Mentor specialising in Size & Weight Wellbeing.

What academic qualifications would I get?
(i) The Diploma in Individuals’ Couples’ and Corporate Mindfulness-based Therapies & Mentoring is normally awarded before or simultaneously with (ii) Advanced Diploma in Integrated Size and Weight Wellbeing (iii) credits towards MA in Counselling and Psychotherapy Practice at Bath Spa University and (iv) a number of degrees (including BSc Psychology) at Open University

What professional qualifications would I get?
This diploma, an assessment about your embodiment of Attitudinal Foundations of Mindfulness Practice and a short interview lead to you becoming (i) a Registered Specialist Mindfulness-based Therapist in Size and Weight Wellbeing (RMbT(S&W)) (ii) a Registered Specialist Mindfulness-based Mentor in Size and Weight Wellbeing (RMbM(S&W)) (iii) a Registered General Mindfulness-based Therapist (RMbT) (iv) a Registered General Mindfulness-based Mentor (RMbM). (v) It can also contribute to you becoming a UKCP Registered Psychotherapist. Further study is needed.

Course Fees

Some grants are currently available to 7504 DiccM&M students that cover the entire fees for this course.
Otherwise, £1,495 (£1,095 if paid in one go) including all food necessitated by your study (except packed lunches when attending All-Days).
The cost is £995 (£895 if paid in one go) if you book to study another Advanced Diploma – including the new Advanced Diploma in Health Professionals’ Cognitive Efficiency and Emotional Wellbeing.
Teaching takes place in central London, Buckinghamshire (40 minutes from London Euston) and virtually. Grants and Work Contracts may be available to you. Payment can be spread.

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