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“8+All-Day” Mindfulness Practice Course in Health & Wellbeing (4505 MPC in H&W)

We bespoke design this with employers who want to maximise the wellbeing of their workers.

Healthiness in mind and body, performance and absenteeism are clearly linked.

Not only is providing this programme a clear sign to employees that their health and wellbeing matter to the people for whom they work, they love it! Each programme is designed by the team, working with the employer to address the particular needs and demands of their organisation, department or group.

Employees perceive this course to be a clear signal of support - whether it be during a period of change, or simply a counter to absenteeism and high-turnover.

  • Your employee’s Continuing Professional Development.
  • We can tailor your bespoke programme so that it meets CPD requirements for many disciplines.
  • Your staff can also use this programme to begin Masters degrees at two universities and a professional doctorate at another.

Please ask us for details on +44 (0) 1962 828 784 or complete our online form for more information.

Many universities, including Stanford and Oxford have announced empirical evidence for mindfulness having significant effects on concentration, effectiveness, communication and team-building. This is why so many organisations, where clear effective decision-making is necessary, provide mindfulness to their employees – including Intel, Google, Yahoo, Amazon, BT, the NHS and many, many more.

We meet with you to discuss your goals and objectives. The course can be delivered at any time – but needs a duration of 6 weeks. After the programme finishes, employees may be offered opportunities for personal development, organised by the ELK-Health Foundation with The National Colleges, if the employer is unable or unwilling to offer ongoing facilities.  Having the ability to practice mindfulness in a group is shown to be the single best way to maintain the improvements achieved by the “8+All-Day” course