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“8+All-Day” Mindfulness Practice Course for Performance Enhancement and Stress Reduction (4502 MPC in PE&SR)

More than 81% of people taking this programme report it "life-changing" at work and at home. Whether you work in business, sport, politics, the arts, education or The Third Sector, the “8+All-Day” for Performance Enhancement & Stress Reduction delivers efficiency and reduced absence from work.

This is a course for people whose lives are demanding and who are expected to perform at a very high-level consistantly. From decision-makers and key people in large organisations, to self-employed SME workers, they have all have reported extraordinary, positive change.

This programme offers mentoring during the course period by one or more of The National Colleges' fully-qualified and experienced team. We can provide group or one-to-one mentoring for your teams, large or small.

This is the 8+All-Day mindfulness course to choose if you are:

  • in management
  • a decision-maker
  • in sport
  • in entertainment or the arts
  • in physical pain – although you may like to consider the 8+All-Day Mindfulness Practice Course for Pain or Anxiety
  • in emotional pain
  • in the emergency services
  • in the civil services
  • being bullied
  • stressed at work
  • worried about becoming a bully
  • tired and under-performing

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I am interesting in using mindfulness in my career. What academic qualifications would I get?
Credits towards MA in Counselling and Psychotherapy Practice at Bath Spa University and a number of degrees (including BSc Psychology) at Open University.

What professional qualifications would I get, if I go on this course for career reasons?

This is one of three alternatives to meet the requirement for entering the Diploma in Clinical Mindfulness Teaching (7501 DipCMT) for which you must have attended an “8+All-Day” programme like this.

To enrol on 7501 DipCMT, you may choose instead to attend the “8+All-Day” Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy programme (4501 MBCT) or the “8+All-Day” Mindfulness Practice Course for Pain or Anxiety (4504 MPC for PoA).

If you choose to become a Registered Hypno-psychotherapist, a Registered Psychotherapist, a Registered Mindfulness Teacher or a Registered Mindfulness-led Therapist or Mentor, the time spent on this course will count towards these qualifications.

Enhancing spirituality
Many professional people – not just in the caring professions – choose this course together with one of our Short Teacher-led Retreats to enhance their working efficiency whilst, simultaneously, increasing spirituality and, thereby, their coping resources for difficulties and crises. This is the first choice for most people working in large organisations.

Alternatives to this programme are the 8+All-Day Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy course (4501 MBCT) and the 8+All-Day Mindfulness course for Pain or Anxiety (4504 MPC in PoA)

Course Fees

You may book via the Get More Info page.

£265 including the All-Day.

Concessions (unwaged people, health professionals, social workers, full-time carers and people over 65) £195. Payable on booking.

Mindfulness-based Performance Enhancement & Stress Reduction (Mb PE&SR) 
Central London – Thursday evenings

Due to our internet backup programme advancing more quickly than we anticipated, this course has been postponed for a short time whilst we enhance it – so that you will more easily be able to use the programme at home.

The date of the 6 hour “All-Day” session from 10.00 to 16.00 will be agreed with the participants.

Almost anyone joins this course and feels benefit – so the mix is broad. This course is delivered to senior managers and board members, but also to people who have pain in their lives or who feel they are unhappy more often than they’d like to be.

Additional Support

As with all Mindfulness-based programmes run by The national Colleges Initiative, mentoring from fully qualified practitioners is available on request.