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Making paying for your training easier

The National Colleges’ Initiative is a campaign to train qualified and aspiring health and HR professionals to provide affordable support quickly and effectively.

So far as is possible, we believe that finding the cost of training should not be a decisive factor when you, the future therapist, mentor or clinician, have talent and motivation.

We offer some grants and scholarships, but the main way that we help students wishing to train, who find paying the fees challenging, is to negotiate placements with future employers – including our own sponsors.

For more details, please go to the “Get More Info” page and tick the courses in which you may be interested. When you get to the PLEASE TELL US YOUR INTERESTS drop down – please choose Grants and support with training.

Save an additional £100.

Booking a Professional Track Pathway to UKCP Registration with any course saves you £100 even if you pay in monthly instalments.

There are Professional Track Pathways for Mindfulness Teachers, Counsellors and Talking Therapists (including Hypnotherapists) who trained outside the UKCP accreditation system.

These Pathways save you time and money if you want to be a UKCP Registered Clinical Psychotherapist.

This page explains how we can make paying for these courses easier

Generally speaking we find that students either want to keep the costs down as much as possible (Pathway 1) or they want more time to pay (Pathway 2). Please read the choices below and then choose a Pathway that best suits you.

Pathway One

You have the money for the fees available now, but you are concerned about eating into your lump sum too much.

Pay up-front

Paying for you training up-front in one payment saves you 7.5%

Booking on to an early cohort of courses

Most courses have an automatic grant which is a ‘thank you’ for feeding back comments to improve the course when it is relatively new. You could save £400!

Book courses together

You could save between £100 to £895 by booking two courses together. Contact us using our Enquiry Form to find out more.

Applying for a work contract (but not the Advance)

If you have a lump sum, but low or no income. If there is a contract available, you will have the certainty of work at the end of, and sometimes during, your training

Pathway Two

You have concerns about your ability to afford the fess now, but you would like to take the course as soon as possible.

Spread the cost over the training period

You can pay monthly by standing order – dividing the fees payable by the number of months until you qualify. If you are unsure how long this is, please email: teachingandlearning@thenationalcolleges.org

Apply for a grant

Firstly book your course place by email to: enrolment@elk-foundation.org saying ‘This booking is dependent on a Grant Application’. Send an informal email to grantsandcontracts@thenationalcolleges.org. This needs to state:

  • A short statement about yourself and your work history″
  • An outline of why you cannot afford to pay monthly
  • What you intend to do with your training

Grants are limited and intended for people who could not undertake the training without support.

Apply for a work contract

There are two types of Work Contract, both of which involve you working with ELK or with an organisation or practice that works with ELK.

You may apply for half of the remaining amount (after any discounts or grants) to be advanced for the payment of your fees. Advances are re-payable through work, at a rate not to exceed half the amount that you are paid for the work. So you can take half the payment and payback with the other half. There is a premium for this because we will not chase you for the advance if, for any reason, you do not complete your studies. Although you will be encourages to re-start them. The premium os currently 50% by taking reduced payments for work – but the reductions can be negotiated. The main consideration is that you are able to afford to live without anxiety whilst you are paying back the advance. This is why we limit the amount you can pay back to half what you earn. Remember that although there is a premium, this means that to repay it, ELK must offer you work on which you will take home at least 50% of the fee. Example You book a course costing £2,850. There is an automatic grant of £400 because it is a new course. You apply for, and get, and further grant of £450. You apply for a Work Contract with Advance for half the remainder (this is the maximum) – so £1,000. You pay the remaining £1,000 over 10 months at £100 pcm. You repay £1,500 by earning £3,000 teaching and helping ELK in other ways.

This is a simple contract that shows we have faith in your abilities once you start training – and that there is already work booked when you qualify. Since you have had no advance, you keep all your earnings from this type of Work Contract.